Study 6


[Benign prostatic hyperplasia — treatment with sabal fruit extract. A treatment study of 1,334 patients]. Benigne Prostatahyperplasie — Behandlung mit Sabalfrucht-Extrakt. Eine Anwendungsbeobachtung an 1,334 Patienten.

Vahlensieck W Jr; Volp A; Lubos W; Kuntze M

Urologische Klinik und Poliklinik, Klinikum Grosshadern der Universitat Munchen.

Fortschr Med 1993 Jun 30; 111 (18): 323-6


METHOD: In a drug monitoring study, 1,334 outpatients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) were treated for 12 weeks with an extract from the fruits of Sabal serrulata.

RESULTS: Under this treatment, the volume of residual urine decreased by 50%, pollakisuria decreased on average by 37%, and nocturia by 54%. The percentage of patients with dysuric pain decreased from 75% to 37%. The efficacy of the drug was rated good to excellent in more than 80% of the cases, and good to excellent tolerability was reported by more than 95% of the patients.

CONCLUSION: The improvement in the irritative symptoms may be considered relevant in terms of improvement in the quality of the life of the patients, and justifies this form of treatment. (AUTHOR)

MJTR: Plant Extracts AD. Prostatic Hyperplasia TH. Testosterone 5-alpha-Reductase AI.

MNTR: Adult. Aged. Aged, 80 and over. Drug Monitoring. English Abstract. Human. Male. Middle Age. Plant Extracts AE. Urodynamics DE. JOURNAL ARTICLE

RNUM: EC (Testosterone 5-alpha-Reductase); 0 (Plant Extracts)


IDEN: ISSN: 0015-8178. JOURNAL-CODE: F62. ENTRY-DATE: 930924. IM-DATE: 9312.

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