The three stages of hair growth

Hair Growth

Are you suffering from hair thinning or hair loss? If your answer is ‘yes’, you’re probably looking for a treatment or seeing a doctor. But has this doctor already explained to you how does the hair growth process occurs?

To start, the human hair growth process is divided into three different stages and it’s not seasonal. Actually, the process is pretty regular, as the hair always grows roughly at the speed of half an inch per month. That being said, let’s take a look at the three phases of hair growth.

1. Anagen

hair growth cycle

Anagen is the name medicine gives to the stage when new hair begins to form and pushes the old hair out from the follicle. This old hair has already finished the growth cycle. During anagen, the hair grows roughly at about one centimeter per month and can stay in this cycle from two to six years.

2. Catagen

hair growth cycle - Cópia

This second stage is considered a transitional phase between the growth period and the shedding: the hair stops growing and the inner section of the hair follicle gets attached to the root.

3. Telogen

hair growth cycle - Cópia (2)

Finally, telogen is the last stage. It’s when the hair has completely finished growing. From this point on, it will remain in this stage for about 100 days before the cycle begins again. Then, the new hair will push the old one out or it will fall out naturally. From here on, anagen stage will begin again.