The Basics of FUE Hair Transplant

Have you heard of FUE Hair Transplant for hair loss? Hair loss can be quite frustrating. For most men, it is a huge matter of concern to suddenly see bald spots and thinning hairlines. Usually, men don’t consider hair transplant as the primary solution for hair loss. Most would first try natural remedies before going for something this extreme. Unfortunately, when you’ve tried everything, but nothing still works, hair transplant is your best and most reliable option. All you have to do now is to study if the cost is worth the satisfaction you will get.

In a nutshell, a hair transplant treatment will make your hair grow again. It is actually a complex procedure because not everyone is allowed to get this kind of treatment. In addition, there are various kinds of hair treatments available today. To truly comprehend the complexities of this procedure, you need to consult a qualified expert who can help you on this matter.

To have an idea on the basics of the process, here is a quick look at one popular kind of hair transplants today, FUE Hair Transplant.


Do you need FUE Hair Transplant ?

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE stands for follicular hair extraction. It is a minimally invasive kind of hair treatment, and it is usually carried out with a local anesthetic. The procedure is very simple, and you would not even require stitches. It is a very good option because it does not give unnecessary pressure to the scalp. If you get a good doctor, you will not even get complications after the treatment, not even scarring. With an FUE Hair Transplant, your new hair will look natural, and it will easily blend in with your transplanted hair.

To perform FUE Hair Transplant, doctors will excise follicular grafts one at a time. These grafts would then be implanted in the balding areas of the patient. Though it may sound painful and complicated, it is actually very quick and painful. The patient may even watch TV as the procedure is being performed.

You are a good candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant if you have a limited donor supply and scalp elasticity. It is also good if you want to wear your hair short and you want a faster recovery time. FUE Hair Transplant is not the primary choice of many, but you should seriously consider this option because it offers a lot of advantages that will surely benefit you in the long run.