Alvi Armani Vitruvian Design Maximus FUE Method Review

Just like other fields in modern science is evolving, so is the field of hair restoration. Since the Day Dr. Okuda of Japan came up with a revolutionary method to restore barren eyebrows, hair restoration has never looked back. Consistent research and development in the field has yielded new and better methods to surgically restore the lost hair. Among the latest methods for hair restoration, Maximus FUE is the most reliable and the hottest.

What is Maximus FUE?

Maximus FUE is the latest follicle extraction method and an improvement over previous FUE techniques. Maximus FUE has laid the foundation for the latest hair restoration techniques and also for the subsequent research and evolution. Maximus FUE has managed to make the process minimally invasive however. Thanks to scalpel-free extractions and revolution in hair transplantation industry, we have entered a new era of hair restoration.

How Maximus FUE works?

Like Previous iterations of FUE, Maximus FUE method uses hair from other areas of the body to be transplanted over the balding site. Such hairs are called “donor hair” and are extracted with a microscope. The major change Maximus FUE brought to the table was minimal invasiveness as microscopic extraction means least recovery time. Maximus FUE also allowed extraction of more than 4000 grafts per session, a significant improvement to say the least. Maximus FUE offers optimum results because the doctors select matching quality and relevant quantity of donor hair with matching texture of lost hair in the mind.

FUSS or FIT method, which is the next best thing, uses strip donations from the back of the head. This method permanently restricts the patient from sporting longer hair. But there are more complexities; the patient will get a scar running from ear to ear and last but not least, the process is invasive in nature resulting in discomfort and greater recovery time.

Alvi Armani Maximus FUE procedure

What is Vitruvian Design Method?

The extracted follicles must be transplanted over the balding site. This is phase 2 of hair restoration. Restoration phase too has evolved much over the years. Currently, Vitruvian Method developed by Dr. Alvi Armani is one of the most sought hair restoration technique.

How Vitruvian Design Method Work?

A new technique is hair restoration, Vitruvian design is about relocation of follicles in the balding site (usually the hairline, crown or mid head). This restoration method differs from previous ones in that it was inspired from Marcus Vitruvius Pollio’s teachings and Leonardo Da Vinci’s depiction of Vitruvian Man. Vitruvian Design is about attaining firmitas, utilitas and venustas. That means the hair must be firm, useful and visually pleasing. In order to achieve all three, it must offer natural hairline and maximum density and must take into account temple angle closure, strategic placement, and natural grouping for an undetectable and aesthetically pleasing look. More information about the topic is given on Alvi Armani Blog.

Vitruvian Method, along with Maximus FUE accomplishes duplication of natural hairlines, and dense, undetectable hairs – things earlier restoration methods lacked.