6 Female Hair Tips That Are Great for Men

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average, men spend far less time seeking and following hair care advice than women. As a result, these informational articles and books have been aimed more exclusively at women. However, we forget that many of these hair beauty tips are just as important and beneficial for men. You men may scoff at a few of these tips, but you’ll want to follow them if you’re looking to improve your head of hair.

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Get a Cut That Matches Your Face

This is an important beauty tip for men and women alike. You may admire your favorite celeb’s haircut, but find that it doesn’t flatter you in the same way. Do some research to find out what face shape you have (is it round, diamond, or heart shaped?), and get a cut that matches. For example, a man with an oval face should avoid heavy bangs that cover the forehead, and heart-shaped faces do well with a longer style that widens the look of their chin.

Light in Spring, Dark in Fall

If you’re brave enough to experiment with some new looks, it’s a good idea to dye your hair with the change of seasons. Lighten your hair in the springtime as the weather gets warmer, and in the fall dye it a darker color. Your lighter hair will flatter your sun-kissed skin in the summer months, and will only be lightened further by the sun. In the winter, your darker hair will compliment your paler skin tone nicely, and will remain a rich dark hue for longer.

Don’t Wash Every Day

Even if you’re somewhat of a clean freak, it’s best for your hair health to avoid washing it every day. Overwashing can strip the hair of natural oils, leaving it looking flat and dull. It also makes hair fall out faster. Shampooing once every other day should be enough to help your hair stay healthy and clean.

Baby Powder in Roots

If you can’t stand how greasy your hair looks on that day without a wash, use this old female trick. Comb a sprinkle of baby powder into your roots, being sure to work it in through your strands. The powder will absorb much of the excess grease and freshen up the look of your roots. You can also use dry shampoo if the baby powder doesn’t work on your hair.

Take Your Vitamins

It’s hard to believe that more men don’t take vitamins for their hair. There are plenty of varieties to help hair grow in thicker and shinier, including biotin, omega 7, and vitamin E. Many men even enjoy the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins for the great effects it has on their hair health.

Work It

The worst misconception that exists for men about their hair is that it is not one of their most powerful accessories. Too few men hold pride in their hair and use it to represent themselves. Experiment with cuts, styles, and colors, and don’t be afraid to “work it.” There’s no reason both genders can’t participate in the fabulous hair game.

These tips are not only great for overall hair health and beauty, they’re also non-gender specific. There’s no shame in taking good care of your hair, and the perfect place for guys to start is by following these girly tips.

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